Thank you, July!

July came and went without me noticing it.  There were just too many things happening all at the same time that before I knew it, August was knocking on my door already.  But I am not ready to bid July good-bye yet as I feel it gave me a lot to be thankful for.

1.  My mom underwent two medical procedures last July.  One was scheduled but the other one was…well…unplanned. For two weeks, my siblings and I were shuttling from the house to work to the hospital then home again.  Tiring and stressful as it may be, I am just grateful that both procedures turned out well and that Mom is on her road to full recovery.  I am particularly grateful for my siblings who took turns in staying with Mom in the hospital.  Thank God for family who are always there for love and support, no questions asked.

Happy Mommy makes us happy too!

Happy Mommy makes us happy too!

2.  My sisters and I have a small cupcake enterprise that we started over a year ago – Sugar Lily.  Kat is our chief baker.  Faye takes care of marketing and other creative stuff while I am in charge with the finances 🙂  We started as (and very much still is) a backyard operation with our family and friends as “customers”.  Slowly though, we’ve been getting some orders and inquiries from people unknown to us.  Some are friends of  friends; some are those who’ve tasted our cupcakes in a gathering they attended.  Last month, we received our biggest order to date – 250 pieces of cupcakes for wedding giveaways!  Woohoo!  We know how special weddings are and we were really happy to be a part of such an important occasion.

SUGAR LILY LOGO - Playfair Display

Kat did most of the work, of course while Faye acted as her “assistant baker”.  Me? Well, I wasn’t really allowed to touch the ingredients, lest mess up measurements and ruin a batch!  I was assigned to less critical (but just as essential) part of the assembly line: making boxes, putting sticker seals and packing them for delivery.  I was happy to do my role and I did it with gusto!  Hooray for teamwork and assembly lines!

Boxed, sealed and ready for delivery

Boxed, sealed and ready for delivery

For more of Sugar Lily updates, follow us on Facebook ( or IG (@sugarlilycupcakes).

3.  F’s football training days include Fridays from 6-8pm.  Given this schedule, hubby and I have pretty much said good-bye to Friday night-outs or gimmicks.  So, when the club took a month-long break last July, we eagerly took the opportunity to have a date night! 🙂  It had been quite a while since N & I went out on a real date so we were really happy to be able to do that…even if only for a few weeks.  Now that training has resumed, I guess we would need to be creative and resourceful in making sure that we still get that quality couple time.


As I write this entry, I realized that as we go on with our daily grind, it’s really easy to overlook the blessings that come along our way.  It’s good to take time to pull back once in a while and appreciate what we receive, no matter how trivial it may be.

How about you? What are you thankful for this month? Leave a comment and share with me your story and let’s celebrate that together.