Party Planning: Kids’ Splash Bash

This is a late post of what has to be my craziest week of party planning and preparations for the kids’ joint birthday celebration.  F & S‘s birthdays are only a month apart.  They used to have their own parties but since their friends have somehow intermingled, we decided to just hold one party for both of them.  And what could be a more gender-neutral theme than a swimming party? 🙂

Once the theme was decided on, the kids agreed on a date which they said should be a Saturday between their respective birthdays. As soon as that was settled, we went full throttle on the preparations.  The foremost consideration was the venue.  We wanted a location that is convenient for us and our guests.  We were lucky that the pool and clubhouse at my aunt’s village was still available on our chosen date so we booked it immediately.

Hillsborough Aqua Park

Hillsborough Aqua Park

Given the short lead time we have, I opted for a simple, fuss-free party. Most of the food were pre-ordered and delivered straight to the venue: giant 36″ Calda Pizza, spaghetti from Amber and barbecue from Monzon’s in BF Homes. The only thing we prepared were chicken lollipops and hotdogs plus the refreshments station of iced tea, soda and lemon water. Sweet treats were provided by Sugar Lily cupcakes and Nestle Ice Cream.

20141115_133713 20141115_124819

As with all other parties I planned previously, I relied on the creative expertise of my sister, Faye to put some fun and color to our celebration. She did a magnificent job designing the invitations, menu cards and cupcake toppers for the event.


Lastly, we added some other little stuff to tie the whole pool party concept together. My sister-in-law bought beach balls and pool noodles for the kids to play with while in the water. I also asked her to buy some pails which I filled with chips and doubled as centerpieces for the tables.



Overall, it was a fun-filled Saturday afternoon spent with family, classmates, football and gymnastics friends!

Sharing with you some of our suppliers which may help you in your future parties:

  • Hillsborough Aqua Park
    Contact numbers: 63 2 772-4371 /809-3533
  • Sugar Lily Cupcakes & Pastries
  • Nestle Ice Cream
  • Calda Pizza BF Homes
    Contact number: 63 2 519-2954
  • Amber
    Contact number: 63 2 884-8888

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