I’m Baaaaaaack!

First of all, I truly apologize for the prolonged hiatus.  I didn’t mean to be away for so long. But 2015 did not quite start as I imagined it would and we were beset with illness and loss in the family.  It was a pretty rough start and sadly, writing had to take a backseat with the 101 urgent things that required my attention.

But I am back now…and bearing wonderful news!!!!

About three weeks ago, N & I received the most unexpected blessing and gift for our 12th wedding anniversary — we’re going to have a baby!

To say that I was surprised is probably the greatest understatement.  I have always been very vocal to family and friends that I am already content with our family set-up.  F & S are 12 and 10 years old, respectively and have slowly become self-sufficient and independent.  I have grown quite comfortable with our little arrangement that having another baby was farthest from my mind. Add the (inevitable) fact that I am already pushing 40, I really wasn’t particularly eager to get pregnant again.  But just when I thought I had it all figured out, life decides to throw me a curve ball.


It took about a whole week for me to get settled into the idea of being pregnant again.  Despite the slow start, I am now embracing his blessing with open heart and arms wide open ☺.  N and the kids were thrilled with the news.  Naturally, F is wishing for a baby boy while S wants a baby sister.  Our daily family conversations are interspersed with things related to the baby like who would it look like or where will the baby sleep.  Would you believe that we already started shortlisting baby names this early?! Talk about excited! But we are not telling our baby name choices just yet.

Sometimes, I still feel anxious with my pregnancy.  I have tons of questions running through my head and just as many issues and concerns.  But I have been getting tremendous support and encouragement from my family, relatives and friends; it eases my restlessness a bit.  I am very thankful that N and the kids are with me, every step of the way!  And so, while it came as a huge and unexpected gift, this baby is indeed a blessing yo our family and we hope that you join us too in our newest adventure as a family.

So…pop that confetti! We’re having a baby!!! 🎉