Preggy Update: It’s A Boy!

We are 28 weeks pregnant and we’re happy to share the latest news:


F is ecstatic, of course (and that is not solely because he is fifty pesos richer from winning a bet with his sister ūüėČ). ¬†He already has plans on what they will do together, a list of things he will teach the baby and ideas on how they will pester their sister together. ¬†S is just as excited about the baby. ¬†She talks to him every day and even wants to start a countdown to Baby#3’s delivery date.

As for me, I started to panic a little after I realized that I can have that date with the stork in 9 weeks or so…and we haven’t got anything set up yet for the baby! ¬†No crib, no stroller, no clothes or feeding bottles —nothing! ¬†We made a quick trip¬†to the mall this weekend to start canvassing items we will need. OMG! ¬†I got so overwhelmed with the choices that are out there, I ended up leaving empty-handed.

The only thing that I was able to do was register for a “Mom Card” which earns me a point for every 100 pesos spent on baby items. ¬†Registration fee is only Php100 and the card is valod for three (3) years so it’s a pretty good deal. ¬†With the registration card also comes a loooong list of baby must-haves that I should really start mulling over.

For now, we’re relishing this bit of news first. ¬†Till next update. ‚ėļ