Hello! My name is TETET.

Like most of you, I wear different hats on different occasions.  I work in the financial services industry and is a firm believer of financial planning.  I love to organize events and plan parties (especially for my loved ones).  I am 1/3 of a budding cupcake enterprise and a self-confessed coffee addict.

Of all the roles and titles that I don, I take two most seriously — “wife” and “mom”.  If you decide to stay around, you will get to know a little bit more about the loves of my life. ☺

PURPLE CONFETTI is my bid to share with you the different hats I wear and celebrate each and every one of them.  It is still a baby in the blogging realm but I hope that you (my readers) will be able to relate to my stories and share ypur own stories with me too! ☺

Right now, there is no clear-cut demarcation line on what is in and what is out of the blog.  It is pretty much a tell-all about anything-under-the-sun kind of blog for now.  No limits, no pre-defined agenda just yet — other than getting myself back into writing and sharing with you my two cents’ worth.

I hope you like it here and decide to join me in my journey as we celebrate life’s every day adventures!

Cheers! 🎉


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